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Dropshipping in the USA  

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Dropshipping reduces the cost of warehousing and shipping to zero as you don’t place an order with your supplier until a customer has bought from you. This can allow you to set up a successful e-commerce business without investing thousands initially that you might not get back. It will help people start a small business with little money even if you are far away from the United States.

Within ecommerce, the USA has been very quick to adapt to buying online, with retail sales projected to grow from $601 billion in 2019 to over $735 billion in 2023. This huge growth is a testament to the adaptive nature of the population, who increasingly use mobile devices to buy online nowadays. The USA is also one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world making it the ideal place to start your online business and you don't need to be located in the USA.

Your dropshipping suppliers are your business partners. You have a direct impact on their business, and they have a direct impact on your success. ​Sourcing the best suppliers for your dropshipping business isn't easy. In these resources, we're sharing all you need to know to get approved with top-tier dropshipping suppliers. BeGlobal has spent years selecting selecting suppliers that fit and profit its members. If you want to have a store that stays around, you need to keep customers happy. Buying from Amazon, eBay, Oberlo or Walmart is not sustainable because you don't have a real relation with suppliers, you can't be sure products will be in stock or maintain a certain price.

Shipping is one of the main downsides of using dropshippers in China. It can take days and sometimes weeks for a customer to receive their package. This alone can leave customers dissatisfied and make them unlikely to buy from you again. Working with US dropshippers and manufacturers brings you closer to the action.

Let’s look at some of the product benefits of using US dropshipping suppliers and manufacturers:

  • Higher Quality
    US manufacturers have a reputation for quality products. Whereas products you might source from China, Taiwan, or Vietnam generally don’t have the same reputation. Why does this matter? People are prepared to pay for quality. You can charge more for quality. Selling products from China is often a race to the bottom in terms of price competition and if the product fails, how do you return it ?
  • American-Made
    You get to stamp “American-made” or "Made in USA" on your products (if, in fact, the products are made in America). This is a seal of approval for a lot of customers, especially patriotic Americans. It’s a powerful selling point and marketing tool that sets you apart from most sellers on eBay and Amazon. Again, people are happy to pay more for American-made products. The Trump administration has limited the entry of Chinese products into the USA, this has encouraged many local american firms to re-develop their own manufacture, and line of products.
  • Fast Shipping for US Customers
    Shipping typically takes between 1-5 days within the US. So your customer could buy something from your store and have it delivered the next day. A satisfied customer is your best marketing tool as it can lead to repeat business and word of mouth advertising for your e-bay store.
  • A Reliable Tracking System
    Customers today expect to be able to track and trace their package in the post. US courier companies like UPS, FedEx, and DHL all provide reliable, comprehensive tracking systems, which you can share with your customers. BeGlobal will provide you the trackings in real time.

  • Better Customer Satisfaction
    You can build a loyal customer base by using US dropshipping suppliers and manufacturers. Just think of the combined benefits outlined above. Faster shipping, quality products, the feel-good factor of buying American-made, closer contact - they all add up to a highly satisfied customer that is more likely to return to your store again and again.
  • Easier to Make Sales
    This is simply because there are fewer people taking the Made in USA route in eCommerce as most sellers are sourcing products from Chinese suppliers. When you have a point of difference and can stand by the quality of your products, it becomes easier to make sales, especially if you have a good marketing mix. There’s a reason why people buy Levi’s jeans over other cheaper brands, even if the company’s “Made in the USA” claims are somewhat dubious. The story of wearing American-made goods - the story that Levi’s customers tell themselves - is often more powerful than the product itself.

The different marketplaces

BeGlobal are already managing a number of successful stores in the USA and Europe and have acquired excellent knowledge of this industry. While working with various suppliers we have been able to develop processes and techniques to simplify and improve the running of an eBay store or other framework store, the efficiency of deliveries to the buyers. We can provide extensive personalized services and support the day to day management of your store with face to face coaching.

You don’t even have to be living in the US for this to be a good option. If you have a strong customer base in America, or you’re looking to break into the US market, then using local dropshippers makes a lot of sense.There are many benefits to working with dropshippers in the United States and BeGlobal has over 1.2 million products from these US suppliers. If you wish to see our catalog, feel free to contact us, we will send you a login and password.

If so we can take you through the process step by step, helping with marketing, market analysis and trends, keeping your store at the forefront of trendy and profitable sales. We'll create a dropshipping management package that works financially and efficiently for you.



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