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Would you like to have an online store, are you already a private online store owner, an e-Bay store owner ? Are you thinking of increasing your sales and looking for dropship products?  We can create a package to best suit you to ensure your concentration is focused solely on the enjoyment of e-commerce sales and marketing  products.

Serge Glowiczower has been working in the eBay sales field for over 10 years and has now put together for BeGlobal a collection of videos to help everyone from store set up to getting your marketing mix correct. His wonderful work can be found here. h


Above is an intro video

The different marketplaces

The internet has become more sophisticated  over the years albeit more competitive and more players and platforms have come to the fore and it's difficult to truly define a market place in the old sense.

There are different types of trading platforms, varying from platforms that started as a web shop and later opened up for other sellers and buyers, to platforms that have been initiated to group the forces of local players in the online market. Social media platform like Pinterest and Facebook increasingly offer the possibility to instantly buy and sell products. These websites can now be considered as marketplaces.

  • Comparison websites (with buy button): Examples are Kelkoo (France), (Netherlands) and Allegro (Poland).
  • Search engines with buy option: Google Shopping or Bing Shopping are examples of this. Google Shopping is considered a true market place nowadays.
  • Opened platforms: These are platforms that used to be web shops, but nowadays also offer third party sellers to offer their products on their web shop. Examples of this are, Zalando or Amazon.
  • Local platforms: There are more and more platforms that let a local neighborhood form their own online community. The 'Nine streets ‘in Amsterdam is an example of this, where visitors can virtually shop on the platform. Also, smaller players like boutiques, that would be too small to open their own webshop, can bundle their forces this way. An example of this is Locals United and Miinto.
  • Marketplaces in the classic sense: Some examples of this are eBay or AliExpress , Amazon.
  • Auctions: Usually these are websites that often change their assortment, depending on remaining parties of vendors. Think of iBook or Groupon.
  • Theme Portals: More and more consumers and small businesses open sites offering product reviews (e.g. clothes), where the consumer is forwarded to a vendors' web shop. Fashionchick or Asos are prime examples of this type of marketplace. 

We  can take you through the process step by step, helping with marketing, market analysis and trends, keeping your store at the forefront of trendy and profitable sales. We aim to create a dropshipping management package that works financially and efficiently for you. If your e-store is on the web and not making money, we can help with the preparation and organizing of listings. We can take on full, or part of the management of your store with automatic listings while you await the sale. We will keep it running for you.



Are you looking at different market places and multi-channel sales ?

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You can run an eBay store next to your Shopify store connected to the Google Shopping market place. We can also offer you our own BeGlobal approved framework and connect it to the various marketplaces and run it alongside your eBay store.

Please contact us if there is anything we can help with, even if it’s not mentioned. We will gladly give you a demo loging to view our BeGlobal catalog.
Please suggest any problem and we'll find solutions. Over the years we have gained experience and can make things work for your e-shop, eBay store.


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